“Ralph D'Ignazio is the best teacher I've ever had....Ralph's insane talent inspired me; his vast knowledge base, along with an inhuman amount of patience molded me..." more

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"Ralph is everything you could want in a teacher:

He's kind, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable..."

Special Programs

In addition to exceptional guitar instruction, Atlantis Guitar also

provides special programs to enhance the students’ experience.

Optional studio jams, recitals, and holiday events in

local venues inspire and boost self esteem.

Atlantis guitar has also offered special summer workshops

in the past including soloing clinics, theory workshops, and

extended recording sessions.

Students receive professional, effective music instruction                                         in a supportive and inspiring environment. 
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player,                           Ralph can guide you to the next level and beyond! 
Over 19 years Experience 
                - Ralph taught in music stores for 10 years before founding Atlantis Guitar nine years ago. 
                - In both roles, he has been in high demand and receives most of his business through word-                                                     
                  of-mouth referrals. 

Custom-tailored, Personalized Lessons
               - Individualized curriculum: Each student is unique and we treat them as such. 
               - This leads to increased motivation and helps you progress much faster!            

Patient and Fun
               - Your lessons should be fun and encouraging...at Atlantis Guitar, they are!  
               - Students want to come to their lessons every week. 
               - Have fun while learning! Ralph takes teaching, not himself, seriously. 

All Ages and Levels, Most Styles
               - Ralph relates well with all ages and is beloved by kids, teens, and adults alike.
               - We welcome beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.
               - Wide range of styles including rock, metal, blues, jazz, funk, folk, and classical
               - Electric, acoustic, classical, and bass guitar

Flexible Schedule
               - We are accustomed to working around students’ work, school, and extra-curricular activities
Beyond the Basics
               - Soar beyond the ordinary with an intensive program that includes advanced and extended 
                 techniques, soloing, improvisation, music theory, exotic scales, rhythm studies,         
                 technology, songwriting, recording, performance techniques, and more!

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“I strive to push students toward their full potential, while remaining encouraging and fun.”
                                                     - Ralph

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A gift of lessons is a great way to inspire talent and creativity in the aspiring musician.

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Lesson Rates:

$35/half hour

$65/one hour

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